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Imaginaire sur R​é​el

by Claude Périard

Text / Codes 01:34


Just like gold, data is a resource that can be mined. Once it is collated, calculated, and analyzed it can be of great value. Without actually noticing it, we create, share and consume an impressive amount of information, data and numbers. Increasingly, the analysis of this ressource helps us explain and understand our reality, our societies and our world.

Without context and analysis, data is worthless. Paradoxically, it is by shifting the context of information that Claude Périard’s Imaginaire sur réel succeeds in creating value.

The title refers to the imaginary and real numbers that make up complex numbers. Although such a title references innumerable mathematical notions, Claude Périard here makes a particular nod to the Fast Fourier Transform algorithm.

We observe two main elements in Imaginaire sur réel: the concept of fundamental frequencies as a general idea and the use of numerical data to generate sound signals.

Each of the studies in this collection use a distinct source from which the numbers are harvested: text (quote), buildings, stock market values, temperature and mountains. The data is then translated into sound by various techniques.

To help the listener better understand the creative process, a file containing various documents (graphics and videos) is included with the download.


released May 28, 2020

Archive Officielle-020, 2020
Audio content duration : 11:43 Min
5 tracks, Digital edition only
Sound, production and archive visual by Claude Périard


all rights reserved



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Founded in 2016

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